The system:
The CLASSIC’CL algorithm and
system is an integrated ILP algorithm able to model a number of
data-mining algorithms like WARMR, C-ARMR, Claudien, ICL, ICL-SAT, etc.
. The system provided requires a Prolog interpreter such as YAP (open source) or Sicstus Prolog (commercial)
and runs on Linux and Mac OS X (using the X Server). CLASSIC’CL has now
been tested under Windows, with Sicstus 3.12.7 (Thanks to J. Maervoet).
We are trying to get it to work with Yap.
Current Version:
The current version is CLASSIC’CL 1.1 and comes as tared and zipped source file including examples from the paper.
classic_cl.txt (the Windows script by J. Maervoet)
Installation Instructions:
Download the current version as a zipped tarball.
Move the file into a directory of your choice
Untar the tarball with command:
tar xvzf classic_cl2005-10-17_1.1.tar.gz
The CLASSIC’CL file can now be found in a sub directory called classic_cl-1.1
Change into that subdirectory and follow the instructions of the README file.
Known Issues:
None so far.



Stolle, Christian; Karwath, Andreas; De Raedt, Luc

CLASSIC’CL: an integrated ILP system (Inproceeding)

Proc. 8th International Conference of Discovery Science, DS 2005, pp. 354-362, Springer, 2005, ISBN: 978-3-540-29230-2, (Conference).

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