Protein Music

The system:

ProteinMusic is a Java program converting DNA sequences into music. The original idea for this project came from R. D. King here at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth and C. G Angus from the Shamen (King, R.D. & Angus, C.G. (1996)). They developed a program written in C on an Apple Mac together with a MIDI connection to a synthesizer in 1996. This program here is a complete re-write of the original program in Java. by A. Karwath.

WARNING: Written for a very old Java version!!!


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Current Version:
The program:
You can download the program including documentation and example sequences directly from SourceForge .
Installation Instructions:
Just unzip the file. It should create a file called ProteinMusic.jar and two sub directories (docs and sequences) in a directory called pm. To start the program simply start it with the command line java -jar ProteinMusic.jar. For Windows users: open a MS-DOS command line window by pressing the Start button and select Programs and then MS-DOS Prompt. Go to the sub-directory where the ProteinMusic.jar file is located and then type java -jar ProteinMusic.jar
Known Issues:

The programs tends to get very slow in converting the DNA to MIDI as well as displaying the seqeunce while playing, if DNA sequences with more than 600 to 700 bps are used.

WARNING: Written for a very old Java version!!!

King, R.D. & Angus, C.G. (1996) PM: Protein Music. CABIOS. 12, pages 251-252
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