projects and systems

Current Research Project:

Health Data Research UK (Rutherford Fellowship)
Inter-disciplinary research project to develop analytical tools to address health research challenges
RespiraTox (NC3Rs / CrackIT Challenge)
Development of a QSAR-based prediction tool together with Fraunhofer ITEM

Past Research Project:

OpenTox (EU FP7)
Inter-disciplinary research project to develop a framework for toxicology prediction of small molecules

(Old) Software Projects and Systems:

SMIREP is a system for predicting the structural activity of chemical compounds.
CLASSIC’CL is an integrated ILP algorithm and system able to model a number of
data-mining algorithms like WARMR, C-ARMR, Claudien, ICL, ICL-SAT, etc. .
ProteinMusic is a Java program converting DNA sequences into music.
REAL is an approach able to align logical sequences.